Usage information on the bibliography

The bibliography includes both the primary sources that are mentioned in the text of the “Teut­sche Aca­demie” and the secondary sources used for academic work on the edition.

Information About the Search

You can enter one or more terms in the search field, enclose phrases in quotation marks and exclude undesired terms by preceding them with a minus sign (hyphen). In each of these cases, the system always searches for bibliography entries for which the title and/or author’s name match the search ter
You can use the possible search queries based on the filtering by the “Old Prints” or “Old Prints (New Editions)” category and “Literature on Sandrart” category for better orientation.
The search terms are also found within words. Furthermore, the search is not case-sensitive.

About the Books and Manuscripts contained in the Bibliography

In the text, all sources and publications of the Early Modern Period that Sandrart mentions are highlighted across all volumes of the “Teutsche Academie”. Furthermore, additional sources that are directly or indirectly associated with the “Teutsche Academie” are entered up to the 18th century. The sources for which it is verified that Sandrart compiled, quoted or translated them are flagged separately as such and can be searched for specifically. In the majority of cases, we cannot establish for definite which edition Sandrart had available, therefore we created groups of publications. These are superordinate entries for storing edition information about individual publications. Of particular interest here are the Editio princeps and the new editions.

All research references listed in the comments, the index of works of art, index of people and the index of places are also contained in the bibliography.

Where Are the Source Titles Documented?

To ensure the uniqueness of as many entries in the selected editions as possible, we drew on the catalogs of printed works published in the German-speaking world in the 16th and 17th centuries (VD 16 / VD 17). In addition, reference was made to digital editions wherever possible; please note, though, that only editions could be included which were available online when the work on the edition was finished in summer 2012.