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On this website, you can find the online edition of the “Teutschen Academie” and the “Iconologia Deorum”, which were written by Joachim von Sandrart and published between 1675 and 1680. This online edition has been developed in the course of the project “”.

In essence, there is little difference between this edition and a “conventional” edition in book format: You can access the original text with no changes, apart from some prudent editorial interventions, either by scrolling through the pages or using the text structure to enter at a specific point. You can also display the copper engravings that were part of the original work.
Of course, you can cite this edition in a manner comparable to that used for print literature; each page has a permanent and unique address (“PURL”) that makes precise citations easier.

The text is not simply available as a facsimile, but has been transcribed in full, therefore you can use a search function to quickly find passages in the text.
However, a ‘normal’ text search is an inadequate tool if, as in the case of the “Teutschen Academie”, the search results are incomplete due to variations in spelling or ambiguous and varying names. Therefore, this online edition pursues a second approach alongside the conventional full-text search: All people and places mentioned in the text are recorded in databases. Each entry has been linked to all occurrences of the person or place in the text.

Something similar was done for works of art in the text, which are linked to entries in a further database. Likewise, also publications mentioned in the text of the “Teutsche Academie” point to the bibliography.

The entries in the databases referred to above are not only linked to the text, but the data records often reference one another as well, therefore you will encounter sometimes far-reaching networks of cross-references which facilitate and enrich your work with the edition.

Moreover, if you are interested in working with raw data gathered by the project, we offer you a REST-based webservice, Linked Open Data in RDF as well as a PND-BEACON feed.

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