Ars poetica (Group of publications)

This record comprises several editions of a publication and merely serves as an editorial guide for for the linked subentries. It does not represent a real publication.

Basic data

Horatius Flaccus, Quintus: Ars poetica

Work compiled, quoted or translated in the “Teutsche Academie”.
It is uncertain, which edition of this book was used for the “Teutsche Academie”

Occurrences in the text

TA 1679, II (Skulptur), S. 15
“Horat. de Art. Poët.”
Marginalia column or footnote

Mentioned in annotations

Vgl. Horaz, Ars poetica, 412–15
Anna Schreurs, 03/15/2010

Hiermit nimmt Sandrart auf das kanonische Zitat aus Horaz’ Ars…
Christina Posselt, 11/29/2011